Friends of St. Joseph’s Infants’ School

Welcome to The Friends of St. Joseph’s Infants’ School Website

St. Joseph’s is a diverse, caring, happy community where children learn to grow in the love of God and to reach their full potential. In this they are supported by a hard-working and dedicated team of staff who work in close partnership with us and with the parents.

It offers a broad and richly balanced curriculum that ensures excellent standards of achievement and an enthusiasm for learning. All children are given the very best learning opportunities which are adapted to suit all their needs. They learn and grow in an atmosphere of love and respect for one another.  We are very proud to be affiliated with St. Josephs and to be in a position to help expedite the admission of new pupils.

We wish to extend our sincere thanks the parents and other people in our community who form this group, and to Mrs Mary Parsons MSc, the headteacher who allowed us setup.

What We’re About

We have two main purposes: We function as a bridge between families in the area looking for a school for their children, and the people in charge of admissions at St. Joseph’s. And we raise money for the school by soliciting donations from corporate entities.

We go out into the community and meet with families and their children to find out about the children as individuals, their academic history, their interests etc, things that help us form an opinion on and advise the families and the school whether the child would fit in well as a pupil.

We wish to be clear that we are not the official admissions process for St. Joseph’s Infants’ School; most parents attempt, successfully, to enroll their children by approaching the school directly. We just help out in certain cases.

Our fundraising work is mainly for the purpose of securing additional equipment for the school. To give but two examples, we recently obtained a £10,000 grant for new library books from W.H.Smiths, as well as a scholarship for gym instructor courses from Discovery UK.

If you are a parent, governor, or just someone from the community who cares about the school and its pupils, we welcome new people who want to get involved.

Our Highlights:

At St. Josephs Infants, we are an inclusive college which focuses on building assurance in addition to character. We believe that your grounding in addition to learning realized with us is really a essential consider supporting our young people continue to get successful, achieved grownups.

We try and create well-rounded children, both equally academically in addition to socially, to help you feel self-assured that the little one is certain to get the perfect come from lifestyle.


St. Josephs Infants provides top quality room supply in which has feelings for you intended for and also trains little ones from the age of three to four. Choosing your own child’s primary connection with school and also ensuring it is a positive one is a significant conclusion for virtually every mother or father. We want to instill a positive connection with finding out how to established the foundations for that rest of an pupil’s school lifetime.

St. Josephs Infants is a mainstream school that prides alone about its inclusive characteristics. We do not need a Admissions Evaluation seeing that our belief and also knowledge demonstrates us all that after youngsters think protected, secure and also satisfied they will exceed inside education. On the other hand, were a school with superb school achievements and also identify we are not able to constantly fulfill the informative desires of youngsters.